Buy Branded Underwear for Men Online

Choosing the right underwear for men is not an easy task. However, we all know there are not wide collection of undergarments for men available in terms of colors and prints if compared with womens wear.

Still, its mandatory to be a little more choosy when its come to mens briefs. As we all agree with this point that everybody has their own comfort weather its an underwear or anything else.

Mens are more focus towards the fabric quality than colors or designs. And, every body type has different style of underwear. However, there are only two types of underwear one is Mens Trunk Underwear and another is V-shape underwear but these two designs has some different patterns available. Lets discuss them briefly.

Men Underwear Types

As we discuss above the men underwear has two major styles one is boxer short briefs and another is V-shape brief.

  • Boxers Shorts: This style underwear is in shape of boxers that gives high coverage from back as well as from front. This boxers brief has stretchable fabric mix with cotton that easily take shape of your body.
  • Loose Boxers: This boxer is quite loose and offers your body a little space. This type of underwear is usually wear by gents. The loose underwear is most preferable choice for healthy people. 
  •  V-shape underwear: This is also known as Frenchie Underwear and it has different varieties to explore from hipster underwear to high-coverage underwear. Choose the one as per your requirement because many mens prefer to wear supporters who regularly do intense workouts.
  • Mens Trunk Underwear: The square cut design are shorter than boxer briefs. They are a good choice if you prefer a more modern and fitted look. However, This style is most popularly use by many youngster either its short trunk or long trunk. Underwear for mens has different fabric options like cotton, hosiery fabric and other.

Best Underwear for Mens

The Cotton Underwear for Men is one of the finest choices because the breathable and sweat absorbent fabric keeps your body cool. Here, we will discuss why cotton boxers for men are best. So, lets discuss some major points of it.

  • Quality Fabric: Cotton fabric can be of low-quality fabric as well which can cause itching or rashes to your area. And, choosing the right fabric can be slightly confusing because cotton underwear has some mix fabric. The 100% combed cotton fabric is best to offer you great comfort usually its mix with hosiery fabric.
  • Size: If you are wearing a long size underwear even ade with high quality fabric can discomfort you. So, you must know your size using size tape. Because, you cannot try underwear and return it if size doesnt fits because its unhygienic.
  • Style: Nobody will tell you which pattern you should wear that suits your body type. To know about it you must try some different styles of underwear and buy the one in which you feel more comfort.
  • Brand: Choose a reputable brand that is known for its quality and comfort. If you are looking for some brands that are pocket friendly then we will tell you some top brands.

Men Underwear Brands

The best brands for mens underwear are many but here we will discuss only few brands that reasonable in price.

Best Mens Underwear BrandsPrice Range
Amul macho underwearRs 130/-
ONN UnderwearRs 140/-
Dixcy Scott UnderwearRs 110/-
Lux cozi underwearRs 80/-
Rupa underwearRs 110/-

Note: Every brand has different underwear with different prices the above table is just a price range.