Jockey sports bra

Jockey Sports Bra

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Make your workout more flexible with a Jockey sports bra that delivers maximum stretch and comfort to you.

It is important to keep your body fit always either by doing yoga or any other sports activity. But, there are many women who wish to workout but avoid it just because of their heavy breasts. 

This happens with many women and just to prevent it women often surf for the best sports bra for heavy breasts online. And, one result which always comes on the top is Jockey.


Jockey sports bra for heavy breast is the best because it controls the bounciness of your breasts during your workout. Women with heavy breasts feel comfortable during their workout. 

Moreover, We cannot deny the fact that women’s first choice when it comes to wearing bras or sports bras is Jockey. This brand is focused on two technologies while manufacturing lingeries, sports wear, casual wear or night wear that make their customers connected with them. One is always fresh technology and another is dry technology with the help of these technologies they keep on improving their product quality and always assured comfort in it. However, the use of technology changes as per the product.

As we know there are lots of jockey products for men’s and women’s but lets focus on the sports bra. Let’s read more about the quality and key features of it.

Jockey Sports Bra For Heavy Breast that Makes Yours Workout Routine Always Comfortable

Every woman takes care of her body to look gorgeous always and to achieve this workout routine becomes a vital part of their life. But, it is important to have high quality active wear that not only offers good quality fabric but also offers great comfort and you can easily find both the things in it.

Contributing one hour for your workout is a good thing. But, many women prefer wearing a normal bra or jockey bra during your workout is not enough as a result you left with sagging breasts. That’s the reason we recommend having one thing before you start your workout either it’s Yoga or any other sports activity. 

Yes, your sports bra as it helps you to reduce the bounciness of your breasts during your workout. This cannot be achieved by wearing a normal bra. And, the key feature of wearing a jockey sports bra is it helps in minimising discomfort that is caused by bust ligament due to its bounce prevention construction, it ensures a comfortable workout. Due to this quality women with heavy breasts prefer to wear it and workout comfortably anytime.

Furthermore, as per research we analyze the ideal active bra for women is jockey padded sports bra. It has a lot of great quality in it. The main comfort it offers is, it helps in achieving fluid body movement without chafing. However, there are many brands for women’s sports bra like bodycare, floret, Van Heusen, Enamore. Yet, women like to purchase jockey sports bra online at

Jocky Sports Bra Price List

Sports Bra


Jockey Padded Sports Bra For Women Key Features.

  • Made with 100% combed cotton fabric and elastane fabric to provide maximum stretch.
  • Wider straps to give full support.
  • Double layered cups to give full coverage to your nipples, with removable foam pads. 
  • Label Free for all day comfort.
  • The use of Always fresh Technology and Dry technology helps you to stay fresh always.

Types of Sports Bra

Jockey understands its customer and knows what quality & designs women’s looks for. Due to this, Jockey keeps on introducing different styles in sports bra that encourages women to try every design and type of it. Here is the list of different styles of Jockey sports bra.

  1. Jockey High impact sports bra
  2. Racerback padded sports bra
  3. Front zipped sports bra
  4. Non-padded sports bra
  5. Lightly padded sports bra