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Cotton Straight Pants for Women | Skin Colour Trousers


Product Detail

  • Brand: Ruby
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Fit Type: Slim
  • 95% Cotton and 5% spandex
  • Tapered fit
  • 1 Side pocket.

Note: Select one size between S-M, L-XL, XXL-XXXL

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The Cotton Straight Pants are the best choice of every woman especially in summer because these pants are soft and gentle on the skin, allowing air to circulate and prevent any discomfort. This style of pants gain a lot popularity among working womens especially. Now, this style of pants has a wide collection if we talk in terms of color, fabric, designs. So, lets discuss more about it.

Features of Cotton Straight Pants for Women

Feel Comfortable with Cotton Straight Pants

Cotton Straight Pants are perfect for those who want comfort and breathability in their clothing. Made with 100% cotton, these pants are soft and gentle on the skin. The pants come with a drawstring waistband and straight leg design, making them adaptable to any body type.

Versatile and Stylish

Cotton Straight Pants for women offer versatility for any occasion. The classic style of these pants makes them suitable for a day at the office or a night out with friends. Available in a variety of colours, the black formal pants for women and these pants has a similar look these straight cotton pants for kurtis can be matched with virtually any top or footwear. The straight leg design and tapered fit provide a sleek and modern look, making these pants an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

Easy Maintenance and Durability

These Pants are easy to maintain and have excellent durability. Made with high-quality cotton fibers, these pants can withstand frequent washing and drying without losing their shape or size. The fabric is also naturally resistant to pilling and wear, making them an excellent investment for those looking for long-lasting apparel.

As, we discuss about the benefits of these pants but we dont know the in how many styles these pants are available in the market. Yes!! There are many designs of these straight pants. But, here we will discuss few of them widely use by ladies.  

Styles In Cotton Straight Pants

  • Strechable Formal Pants: This is one of the best pants for women who don’t like wearing tight fit clothes as well as damn loose clothes. The strechable fabric of the pant tooks the shape of your body and let you feel comfortable throughout the day.
  • Loose Cotton Pants: Women who love wearing funky style clothes then looses cotton pants are the best whether you are at home or in office. There are so many printed patterns available. This is one of the best summer cotton pants for ladies especially if you are a homemaker.
  • High Waist Cotton Straight Pants: Nowadays, wearing a high waist pants with crop top is in fashion. So, its mandatory to have this pants to get an awesome look with your crop top. However, these pants are also very useful for workouts and for those women who are a little chubby near by stomach and look for a tummy tucker with these pants, you don’t need a tummy tucker because the broad elastic will works for you.

The Best Cotton Straight Pants for Women

Now, there are many womens who always get confused while shopping pants because every pants has some unique features that attracts you to buy. Especially when you are buying online. So, lets discuss the best one for you.

However, the best pants will totally depend on the comfort it offers to you but still heres a list of best pants you can buy at reasonable price.

Best Pants for WomenPrice
Ruby PantsRs 650/-
Twister Cotton PantsRs 550/-
cotton lycra pantsRs 645/-
cotton yoga pantsRs 800/-



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Care Instructions

  • 1) Wash at room temperature water
  • 2) Pay attention to care labels
  • 3) Say No to Iron your Garments
  • 4) Store all clothes in a cool and dry space.