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Summer Cotton Pants for Ladies | Black Stretchable Pants #P-20023


Product Details

  • Brand: Floret
  • The material used is cotton and elastane blend
  • Waist Rise is Mid Rise
  • Two Side pockets
  • Elasticated waistband to give perfect grip
  • Product Style No P-20023

Additional information


L, M, S, XL


Are you struggling to buy the best summer cotton pants for ladies?

Why not, due to too much itching, sweating every fabric does suits on the skin especially when you have sensitive skin. Every woman does not feel comfortable with denim fabric in summer.

it’s quite obvious nobody wants to wear tight-fit clothes in summer. Loose clothes are the best clothes to have in the summer. Especially those which are made with cotton fabric. The summer cotton pants for ladies are made with a fabric that provides great comfort whether you are in the office, walking, or doing household work. Moreover, black formal pants for women is the first choice of every women.

If we talk more about cotton pants for women, it is one of the best items to wear either with a kurtis, top, or any other thing. However, there are different varieties in cotton pants that suit different kurtis, tops, and other styles let’s talk about it.

Types of Summer Cotton Pants for Ladies

 Stretchable Cotton Pants for Ladies:

If you always prefer to wear tight-fit bottoms wear then stretchable cotton pants are the best choice for you. As we all know, wearing hard fabric in hot summers is quite tough. But, stretchable cotton straight pants has light fabric and it takes shape to your body. This makes you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Loose Cotton Pants:

These pants has wide varieties, yes loose cotton pants for ladies have a lot of varieties. It has straight cotton pants or loose pants either from top or bottom with different cuts and design. Womens mostly prefer to wear it when they are going out. 

Casual Cotton Pants for ladies:

This is basically worn at home where nobody is watching you despite your family. Its very loose and makes you feel ultra comfortable at home.

Cotton Capri Pants:

This is the first choice of every woman, nobody wants to go for full length pants in summers. And, loose cotton capri looks stylish and trendy with different tees.

Purpose of Summer Cotton Pants for Women

We all know the purpose of wearing cotton pants in summer. However, to brief more on it lets talk about it.

  • Comfort: When we talk about our comfort we dont want to compromise with anything. And, if its regarding our clothes then we are damn choosy about the fabric, fits, design, and of course size the most important thing to focus on the summer pants for ladies are made with cotton fabric and to make it more comfortable they are loose. However, there are some stretchable pants also available that offer perfect fit and great comfort.
  • Look Stylish and Trendy: When it comes to fashion no women want to compromise with it. And, wearing loose funky style clothes are in fashion especially in summers. The awesome prints of loose cotton pants can offer you a classic look with great comfort.
  • Casual Outfit: The cotton pants has different varieties and you can have pajamas in your casual outfits. Its too look

Care Instructions

  • 1) Wash at room temperature water
  • 2) Pay attention to care labels
  • 3) Say No to Iron your Garments
  • 4) Store all clothes in a cool and dry space.

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