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Dixcy Scott Underwear For Gents Cross Long Trunk Pack of 5 pcs


Product Details

  • 100% Pure cotton
  • Super Combed Hosiery Long Trunk
  • In-elastic underwear
  • Multi Colors Pack

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100 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm


Dixcy Scott Underwear

In mens innerwear there are many brands which are popular and one of them is dixcy scott underwear as well. Its an Indian brand, and popularly known for its products that is mens inner wear. The fabric quality of this brand is extremely good. 

This brand has wide collection of men innerwear at reasonable price. If we talk specifically about underwear then you may find different colors and patterns that offers great comfort to your body.

Exploring the best Mens Underwear that suits your body lets know the type of its.

Types of Dixcy Scott Underwear

Dixcy scott has wide collection of men’s under wear in different colors. However, they majorly focus on plain garments only that can be easily available.There are mainly top 4 patterns this brand majorly focus on that is:

Trunk Underwear: This pattern provide high coverage from front and back. Also, coverage from your thighs. The optimum coverage it offers make you feel comfortable for a long run.  

V-shape Underwear: This pattern has less coverage if compared with Trunk Underwear, it offers coverage from main area only and excluding the thighs. This style is mostly wear by young boys or the one who regularly work out.

In-elastic Underwear: This style of underwear comes in both pattern like trunk as well as in V-shape briefs the difference is just the elastic for waistband is wrapped under the fabric.

Top Elastic Underwear: Similarly, the top elastic underwear has no fabric around it.

Price for Mens Underwear

Different patterns of briefs have a different price range, check the table below to know the price:

Underwear PatternsPrice Range
Trunk Underwear₹150
V-shape Brief ₹110

How many pairs of underwear you must have?

Every men must have all patterns of underwear because each pattern has their own USP. However, answering the above question you must have 6-7 pairs of underwear which must include trunk and V-shape underwear.

Care Instructions

  • 1) Wash at room temperature water
  • 2) Pay attention to care labels
  • 3) Say No to Iron your Garments
  • 4) Store all clothes in a cool and dry space.