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Amul Macho Underwear Comfy Gents Trunk PACK OF 5Pcs


Product Details

  • 100% Cotton Combed Fabric
  • Broad elastic on the waist
  • Long trunk in length
  • Available at Reasonable Price.

Additional information


100 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm


Amul Macho underwear is a popular Indian brand for men. It is known for its catchy and humorous advertising campaigns that have made it a recognizable name in the market. It offers a range of underwear products for men, including briefs, trunks, boxers, and vests.

Its is important to choose the right underwear for yourself because any low quality underwear that make you feel uncomfortable can make you lose focus on your work which hampers you a lot.

How to Choose the Right Underwear?

To choose the right underwear for yourself first, check the fabric quality because the high-quality cotton fabric can offer you great comfort. Afterward, you can decide which pattern you like the most trunk underwear or frenchie one. Don’t forget to check your size before buying any underwear because sometimes the wrong size can also trouble you. However, the trunk is one of the best cotton Underwear for Men, and its easily available at a reasonable price. Let’s discuss the best features of it.

Features of Amul Macho Underwear

  • Made from 100% Cotton Combed Fabric
  • The soft stretchable fabric ensures perfect shape and fit.
  • Broad elastic on the waist
  • Long trunk
  • Available at Reasonable Price.

Style in Amul Macho Innerwear

The top brand for men’s underwear is because it offers a wide range in mens underwear at the lowest price. Let’s discuss some top styles in Men’s underwear.

  1. Long Trunk Pattern
  2. Short Trunk Pattern
  3. Frenchie Underwear
  4. Mini Trunk Brief

These are the top patterns available in the market. Moreover, you will get different colors in these designs.

Care Instructions

  • 1) Wash at room temperature water
  • 2) Pay attention to care labels
  • 3) Say No to Iron your Garments
  • 4) Store all clothes in a cool and dry space.