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Soft Padded Bra | Seamless T-shirt Bra Combo Set of 2

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Product Details

  • Brand: Lady Lyka #MISTIQUE
  • High quality material used provide smooth look 
  • Provide full coverage to your bust.
  • Wider straps to provide more support and comfort
  • Have double layered cups with removable pads 
  • Have soft bottom band.

Additional information


32 B, 32 C, 32 D, 34 B, 34 C, 34 D


The soft padded bra always come first when it comes to providing comfort to you, they are going to provide you complete support and perfect lift. 

The Women Padded Bras are made with premium quality material which allows the air to pass through them and prevent sweat and smell which make it ideal for everyday wear. These are the daily wear bras that provide adjustable coverage especially when one side is a little bit different from the other side.  The Lady Lyka padded bras have seamed molded bra cups to provide a smooth look.  They have soft fabric used in straps so that it doesn’t dig into your body and made it red and irritable. 

Types of Soft Padded Bra

Nowadays soft padded bra is a need of every women either you have small breasts or heavy one. Its quite obvious everyone look for soft fabric touch that makes them feel comfortable for long run. Now, the question comes which brand or bra style has a soft cups. now either you are wearing t-shirt bra, cotton, full coverage bra or padded bra mostly every bra type has soft cups. However, this also depends on brand to brand. The best thing about soft padded bra is you can feel relax without feeling irritation or rashes cause by hard or rough fabric. Here, we will discuss the cups or pads that offers a soft touch to your skin.

  1. Seamless Cups: These cups are made with single fabric and has a soft touch to your breasts. It offers a great coverage and support to hold your breasts and make you look gorgeous.
  2. Cotton Pads: The cotton fabric always offers a gentle touch to your skin. Due to this reason womens with sensitive skin prefer cotton cups in bra.
  3. Sillicone Pads: It is a stick on bra mostly use on strapless backless dresses. the sillicone cups offers a soft touch to your breasts

  Soft Padded Bra Features

  1. Ideal for everyday wear
  2. Offer a smooth touch to your body.
  3. Padding Prevents nipple show.
  4. High quality material used 
  5. Prevent sweat and smell.

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Care Instructions

  • 1) Wash at room temperature water
  • 2) Pay attention to care labels
  • 3) Say No to Iron your Garments
  • 4) Store all clothes in a cool and dry space.