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Women Padded Bra

It is basically a bra that has additional padding in the cups. It adds volume to the breasts and enhance the appearance by making them rounder in shape.

It is one of the best bras for women because you can wear it as regular bra. And, sometimes it depends on your outfit. That’s the reason its essential to have one or two padded bras. However, women padded bra online is available in wide range, different in colors, designs, printed patterns that you may not stop yourself to make a purchase.

 Moreover, its also one of most comfortable bra use by every women. And, many women’s use it as a daily wear bra especially for those women who has a cup size of B and C. Although, women’s with D cup size can also wear it to get an versatile look.

If we discuss more about women padded bra there are different types of padded bras that can be useful for women on different attire. Lets know about it.

Types of Women Padded Bra

Designs in Women Padded Bra

  • Light Padded Bra : The light padded t-shirt bra can be used as a everyday bra. As its like a regular bra the only difference is it adds light volume to the cups that helps to prevent nipples bulge out of your clothes.
  • Double Padded Bra: This type of padded bra as known as heavily padded bras. Normally, womens who has small cups size prefer to wear thess double padded bras. 
  • Underwire Padded Bra : The underwire bra is basically useful to liftup womens breasts. These underwire bras are usually use as a push-up bras. Because, mostly pushup bras are designed with underwire below the cups that helps to uplifts womens breasts and looks like heavy breasts size.
  • Wireless Padded Bra: The wireless padded bra is more comfortable then underwire bra. However, Its  like a T-shirt bra for women with light padding around the cups that helps to give proper shape to your breasts and make you look gorgeous. 
  • Full Coverage Padded Bra: It provides proper coverage to your breasts with extra padding around the cups. This bra can be use as regular bra as well.


As we discussed above different types of padded bra. If we get deep into padded bras there are more different patterns into it. We discuss the best selling soft padded bra above which is popularly use as everyday bra.

Patterns available for Women Padded Bra online

Women can find wide range of padded bra online but the best selling padded bras when its come to wear some revealing attire the you must buy these:

  • backless padded bra – The backless padded bra is a type of bra which has a transparent back band that gives a backless look and can be wear on backless dresses.
  • Strapless padded bra – This type of bra is without straps or has a transparent straps and useful to wear in off-shoulder top or other dresses. If you check women padded bra online most of the bras patterns are strapless & backless.
  • padded sports bra – The sports bra must have a padding in cups because while exercising the breasts tissues becomes tight and it looks awkward if its sowing outside the t-shirt. And, padded sports bra prevents you from it.  Above all, there are stick on bras also in trend, especially for those who prefer to wear backless and strapless bras.
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Light Padded Bra

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Double Padded Bra

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Backless Padded Bra

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Padded Sports Bra

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Customer Review

Pooja Sharma From New Delhi

I purchase light padded bra and it has a very soft cotton padds really like the products.

Ayushi Bansal From Gurgaon

I ordered full coverage padded bra the quality of the product was good if compared with price.

Surbhi Varshney From Kolkata

I ordered Trylo backless bra from this site and it too good and comfortable to wear and giving proper coverage from front. Normally backless bra provide a bit of discomfort but I was comfortable it.

Krisha Yadav From Maharashtra

I didnt get correct size but it was easy to return and got a correct size and the bra quality was relly good.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Q1: Why are padded bras better than non-padded bra?

    The padded bra gives your breasts the additional volume and a non-padded bra maintains the natural shape of your breasts. The padded bra prevents showcasing hard nipples outside your t-shirt or top which non-padded bra cannot.

    Q2: Does padded bras affects increase in breasts size?

    No, if you are wearing your perfect size bras either its padded or normal regular bra it will not show any increase in your cup size.

    Q3: Is there any issues while using padded bras?

    No, theres no problem in using padded bra you can use it as a regular bra as well.

    Q4: Does padded bra increases breasts size if use regularly?

    No, padded bras dont increase your breasts size but while wearing any top or dress the extra padding around the cups makes your breasts look a little bit heavy.

    Q5: Which padded bra is a good to wear wireless padded bra or underwire padded bra?

    It depends on you if you just looking for proper shape you can wear wireless padded bra. And, if you want to uplift your breasts a bit then underwire padded bra is a good option.

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