Jockey Women’s Cotton Thermal Full Sleeve Top


Product Description

  • Product Name: Jockey thermal wear for ladies with 3/4th sleeves
  • Collection: Thermals; Style no: 2503; QTY: 1N(Thermal Vest)
  • Percentage of material used 56% Cotton, 23% poly and 21% viscose
  • Super combed cotton rich “Brushed Interlock” fabric
  • Deep neck design
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This jockey thermal wear for ladies has ¾ sleeves which can easily get adjusted under the clothes.

During the wintry season, it is mandatory to wear a warmer, and wearing a jockey warmer helps ladies to keep their bodies warm always due to its high insulation quality.

However, no matter what, being fashionable is in the blood of every woman even in winters, and wearing a stylish jacket on a top cannot prevent you from coldness. Due to this, we highly recommend wearing a thermal.

Jockey thermal wear for ladies is available in two colors one is off-white and another is charcoal grey. It is one of the most favorable choices for women as it has good quality insulation to provide complete warmness. Moreover, this full sleeve thermal can also be wear in the frosty winter season.

There are two different types of Jockey thermals for women, one is a sleeveless thermal top and another is full sleeves (¾th sleeves ) thermal top. Moreover, this piece of thermal is a single piece of thermal.

Jockey Thermal Wear For Ladies Key Features

As the Jockey thermal for men and women are made with premium quality microfibres that give a soft touch when it comes to direct contact with skin. Moreover, the combed cotton fabric percentage is high as compare with other fabrics like polyester and viscose. Let’s acknowledge the primary feature of it.

  • Provide warmness due to high insulation.
  • Gentle and soft-touch cloth fabric.
  • lightweight thermal

With Jockey thermal wear for ladies, it becomes easy for ladies to show their gorgeous looks while feeling warmness under their clothes. Moreover, there are jockey women hoodies, Jockey bra, sports bra for women, and panties to enhance their appearance by giving a perfect shape to their body.

Why Buy Jockey Thermal For Women’s

It is very essential to know “Why” you should purchase a Jockey thermal.

  • It is extremely lightweight and gives a perfect fit.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • High insulation provides complete warmness.

There is an ample number of jockey women products with a high level of insulation. You can also try Jockey women hoodies and jockey women thermal lower and many more. Also, you can find sleeveless thermal in bodycare at a lower price than a jockey.

We highly recommend choosing the right size for perfect fitting.

Measurement charts

Small - 75 cm -80 cm, Medium - 80 - 85 cm, Large - 90 - 95 cm