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Jockey For Women is one-of-a-kind women’s wear lingerie & casual wear manufacturing that prioritizes comfort, fashion, safety, and timeless style, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that can be done every day…with a distinctive, trendy, and always-accessible look. 

Moreover, jockey ladies inner wear showcase the latest trends and collections for women who live free fashion, art, music and travel. Each season, you’ll find a curated selection of women’s clothing from Jockey as well as new and established brands such as bodycare, Van Heusen, Floret, Enamore, Lovable and many more. Our collection of stylish women’s casual tops, t-shirts, bra, panties and lowers has everything from basics to statement pieces.

However, jockey for Women always looks out for new trends and comes up with the different designs and patterns for womens.If we talk about some casual wear then jockey always has something unique which other brands does not have like Jockey women lower, it has wide collection from check mate lower to loose pajamas and some lower has different patterns and designs. the casual tops and Jockey women underwear are tried by every women because of cloth material.

With an extensive collection of Jockey undergarments for women, you can arrange anything from an intimate wedding in the garden to an informal business meeting. 

Feel free to choose from our collection of Jockey ladies inner wear. You will find a wide range of varieties in every jockey wear. Either its Jockey sports bra, Jockey cotton bra or Jockey women t-shirt. Our women’s innerwear is available in all sizes.

Every product of Jockey has a wide range to select different types of bra, panties, lower or sports wear. Let’s discuss a few products and their prices.

Jockey Bra for Women

Every woman has a desire to look beautiful always. And the different types of Jockey bra give perfect shape to women’s breasts. Either they are looking for a full coverage bra or a Jockey pushup bra

You set the vibe , we got the bra! Jockey woman bras are carefully designed & crafted for every body providing seamless comfort & support

Have a look at jockey bras types and price. And, buy Jockey bra online with

Jockey Bra Price List

Jockey Bra Types

1)Jockey Shaper bra

2) Jockey Crossover Bra


Rs 900/-

Rs 850/-